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    Stephen explores the Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber beef.

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    1. This looks like a music video from 2004
    2. but sounds like a song from 2012
    3. Both good things?
    4. I really like this song? Ouch, what’s happening.
    6. Joel and Benji tackling such issues as
    7. transmisogyny
    8. the patriarchy
    9. ageism
    10. ableism
    11. But do they know any of these words?
    12. And if so, when did they enter the Madden vocabulary?

    i’m very, just. very.

  7. the single greatest thing to come out of anything Harry Potter related

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  9. The Parent Trap (1998)

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    Okay, this Buzzfeed list is bullshit. 

    1. Luke (clearly and indisputably the best)
    2. Jess (favorite, but not #1 material)
    3. Richard Fucking Gilmore
    4. Michel
    5. Dave Rygalski
    6. Tristan McHottie DuGrey
    7. Jackson
    8. Kirk
    9. Taylor Doose
    10. Jimmy fucking Mariano
    11. short-haired town Troubador
    12. Max Medina
    13. T.J., codename “airpants”
    14. Morey
    15. sweet li’l Broadway bb Brad
    16. long-haired hippie troubador
    17. Christopher
    18. Doyle
    19. Finn & Colin
    20. Rune, the pantsless
    21. Zack
    22. Tom the construction guy
    23. Andrew the book guy
    24. Caesar
    25. nerdy Brian
    26. Jamie from Princeton
    27. Dean
    28. Asher Flemming
    29. John Hamm’s character in that one episode
    30. Marty 
    31. Henry “Worst Boyfriend Ever” Cho
    32. Logan Cuntberger
    33. "Digger"
    34. Mitchum “666 I am the Devil hehe” Huntzburger

    My mostly similar but definitely not the same Gilmore Girls ranking: 

    1. Luke (I will always love a man in a baseball hat more than anything else and that’s my cross to bear) 
    2. Jess (my teenage dream) 
    3. Richard Gilmore (Rory’s greatest partner in crime, tbh) 
    4. Michel (misanthropist after my own heart) 
    5. Dave Rygalski (is better than all of you) 
    6. Tristan DuGrey (a rich blonde bad boy worthy of the best 80s movies)
    7. Jackson (probably the actual perfect man on this show if I’m being honest, but perfect can be boring) 
    8. Doyle (Danny Strong 4ever amen)
    9. Brad (I would have been perfectly okay with a musical episode starring Brad and Kelly Bishop, ja feel?) 
    10. Dean (season 1 heavily favored in this ranking) 
    11. Kirk
    12. the original town troubador (sing2me,bb)
    13. Morey
    14. Jimmy Mariano
    15. Gil (he could make me a sandwich) 
    16. Max Medina (was surprised that I found him weirdly sexy during a recent S1 rewatch) 
    17. Taylor Doose
    18. Brian
    19. Zack
    20. T.J.
    21. Christopher
    22. Finn & Colin (honestly colin is dragging you down, finn) 
    23. Jamie 
    24. Marty (let’s pretend season 7 didn’t happen okay?) 
    25. Digger
    26. Tom the construction guy
    27. Asher Fleming
    28. Caesar
    29. Rune
    30. Henry Cho (what a little bitch)
    31. Logan Huntzberger (the worst thing to ever happen to this show)
    32. Mitchum Huntzburger (I now hate this actor on sight)